Mr. Coffman is both an attorney as well as a licensed, bonded and insured notary public.

If your documents have already been prepared and those documents only need to be signed and notarized, the fact that Mr. Coffman is a lawyer does not mean he charges a higher price for notarial services.

As a San Mateo County notary public, Mr. Coffman provides the same services that any other notary would provide, with the following fee schedule:

Acknowledgments – $10 per signature
Jurats – $10 per signature
Certified Copy of Power of Attorney – $10 per copy
Oaths & Affirmations – $10
Proof of Execution by subscribing witness – $10 per signature

Apostille – the applicable notary fee [such as, for example, $10 per signature for acknowledgements] + a separate payment of $20 per authentication certificate made payable to the Secretary of State and payable in U.S. dollars.