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The Law Office of Kendall David Coffman provides sound advice and representation while guiding clients through difficult financial times. Licensed as a California attorney since 1997, attorney Kendall Coffman will help you to find solutions to your problems.

This law office is a debt relief agency, helping people and businesses to file for debt relief under the bankruptcy code.

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The Law Office of Kendall David Coffman provides bankruptcy advice and representation to residents of San Mateo County and communities throughout the Bay Area. Attorney Coffman has more than a decade of experience in guiding clients through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

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Escape From Your Debt

Contrary to what you may have heard from creditors as well as debt “counselors” or “debt consolidation services” who try to discourage you from filing bankruptcy, your credit report will not be ruined for the rest of your life if you file bankruptcy.

Yes it is true that a bankruptcy filing will appear on your credit report.  However, you can also bring your credit score back up to a decent number by, for example, using a secured card [a card that requires a cash collateral security deposit] and paying off the bill on time each month.  Attorney Kendall Coffman has had Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients who became eligible for home loans approximately 2 years after filing a Chapter 7 case and receiving a discharge of their personal liability for their debts.

In the end, after going through the bankruptcy process with the guidance of an attorney, you may find yourself successfully escaping for your debts.

Foreclosure Defense

If you are in danger of losing your home to a foreclosure sale, and you wish to keep your home, you need to see an attorney as soon as possible.  Do not wait until the day before the foreclosure auction and then realize that maybe you should have seen an attorney at an earlier time.  If you wait until “the eve of foreclosure” before you finally decide to see a lawyer, you will leave your lawyer with insufficient time to conduct his or her “due diligence” as an attorney.  What you need to know is that there are ways to help you to keep your home, but you need to see a lawyer sooner instead of later.